IOSS 2008 Beta

IOSS 2008 Beta

IOSS brings this great game into the source engine
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International Online Soccer: Source is a modification for Half-Life. Unlike other modifications, the only thing you can shoot is a soccer ball into the goal. IOSS takes a step away from the shoot them-blow them-kill them type of gameplay that normally is available for first person shooters. Here, you play in a first-person or a third-person view of a soccer player. The Mod was originally released in 2002, however it recently got its update to the Source engine, giving the models and the stadiums a better graphical look. Also the game has new features. First of all, the goalkeeper can either be controlled by an AI bot, or a player can select to be the goalkeeper. The AI for the goalkeeper got a bit better. Also the models include much more moves and types of kicks that certainly make the game more enjoyable. This mod is not to be played with a huge number of players, because sometimes everyone goes around running for the ball. But you can be organized and make good game play. Its easy to control and to get the hang of. With beautiful stadiums to play and several International and Club uniforms to choose from, the game does have its attention to detail. It is not FIFA or ISS, however the game provides good clean fun, and its very enjoyable in LAN parties.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Fun game with nice graphics


  • Ball physics are a bit weird sometimes
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